Lumiere Critique

While creating my lumiere film I learned to appreciate these types of films in a different light. Although these films consist of no sound they are very entertaining to watch and convey a story in their own way. It is funny to think that these are how movies used to be. While making my movie I realized how hard it was to tell a story in such a short period of time. That had to be the biggest challenge in making my movie. The movie I made with Chloe was out original idea and we were thankfully able to execute it with no problem. If I had to change one thing about my movie I think I would have liked to use a bigger aquarium and been able to shoot a bigger variety of fish. Despite this I was very pleased with my film and the reaction it got from my classmates and professor.

My favorite lumiere film would have to have been the one with the incense. The way he captures the smoke was unbelievable and amazing. It almost grabs the audience and takes them into a trance. My least favorite film would have to be the one shot in the elevator. I feel that this concept lacked a bit of originality and could have been executed better if they had taken more time on it


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