Bhutan: A Kingdom of Happiness

The documentary I saw was called Bhutan: A Kingdom of Happiness. It was about a country that built a democratic nation around sustainability in terms of “happiness”.  Rather than the monarchial government being overthrown, the king himself decided to turn this country into a democracy. But with the price of democracy and freedom comes consequences. In this countries case it is the rising number of, drugs, alcohol, crime, and depression.

This documentary was supposed to show how the country coped with industrial growth and the things that come with it.  However the did not do a very good job in making this concept clear. Rather thank talking about how they are dealing with this issues they talked more about the background of this country and how it came to be a democracy. However they did mention that it was unfinished and still had much work to do.

Despite this I thought the movie was phenomenal. It was well constructed and put together and had an important story line. I taught all its viewers about a new country and it beauties.

This documentary does not fall into one category of documentary, rather falls into various. These are Expository, Observational, and Participatory. This documentary had many points to consider. I feel it’s most important though had to be, Intentions, Communicative function, and Importance and evaluation.  This is because the true message of this documentary is to tell people how there is such a place that believes in “Gross National Happiness”. Meaning laws and actions are all done in consideration of the people’s happiness. Also there is a way to preserve your environment. This documentary’s goal is to enlighten and stimulate the thoughts of its audience.


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